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The Founder

“Venice is my city: here I had the opportunity to manage a bar for the first time in my life, and for this reason it was here that my passion for the city and for the world of cocktails began. Having decided to turn my passion into a job, I dedicated myself to studying the profession, moving between Italy, London and Barcelona. In Barcelona, I was able to improve my service techniques, and then I started working in important bars until I became Bar Manager in two bar-restaurants inspired by the American "speakeasy" prohibitionism, both well known in the city.

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After travelling around for a while and collecting some experience that matured me professionally, I came back to Venice to finally launch my own brand. These are premium products that try to enhance the flavours and smells of this enchanting island, unique in the world, to which I have dedicated an equally unique distillate.
Stay tuned, I will continue to surprise you. Cheers!"

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