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The first Venetian Gin with glasswort and aromatic plants from Sant’Erasmo

Gin dei Sospiri was born from the desire of describing the essence of Venice, not only through its stories  but above all through its raw materials.

The taste of the Laguna

This distillate is inspired by Venice and more precisely by the island of Sant'Erasmo, also known as the Orto  (garden) of Venice, completely immersed in the sandbar. 

Our aromatic plants grow wild on this soil and so does our precious glasswort, the absolute star of this Gin. 

The Gin recipe, that brings out all the flavors and the scents of this unique island, starts from the hand picking of the raw materials, according to seasonality: this allows us to get the best out of our aromatic  plants. 


Tasting notes

On one hand this gin is suitable for various cocktail mixes, making it an excellent aperitif. On the other hand  its freshness and balance of flavors make it perfect for drinking straight, so that even the most delicate  aromas can be appreciated.

Opera_senza_titolo 1 (1).JPG

Visually, it has perfect transparency

Opera_senza_titolo 2 (1).JPG

On the nose, it offers elegant Mediterranean fragrances of juniper combined with green and herbaceous  hints typical of the Venetian sandbar

Opera_senza_titolo (2).JPG

On the palate, immediately stands out its particular savouriness, due to the glasswort, while it leaves a soft,  almost velvety aftertaste in the mouth 

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Ampolla d'oro 2022

Gin dei Sospiri won the golden cruet as the best Venetian distillate!


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