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The name Sospiri

The name and logo recall the Ponte (bridge) dei Sospiri, an evocative place. 

It is said that back in the days of the Serenissima, prisoners were taken to the offices of the State Inquisitors  across this bridge. For this reason, those who crossed it breathed the air with extreme contentment,  sighing for the freedom perhaps lost forever.  

The idea is to evoke the mystical sighs of those people through strong and unforgettable flavours that  speak of Venice.


Ponte dei Sospiri


The Ponte dei Sospiri is located in the historic centre of Venice, right behind St Mark's Square, and a fun  fact: it is the only bridge in the city that is completely covered. Looking at it from the Ponte della Paglia, one  can admire its white façade in Istria stone, finely decorated: the bas-relief depicting Justice, placed at the  top and centre of the bridge, and the coat of arms of Doge Grimani, who commissioned the work in 1600  with the aim of having a direct connection between the Doge's Palace and the Prison Palace. 

Nowadays it is also known as the 'bridge of lovers': legend has it that to declare eternal love, you have to  kiss under the bridge during a gondola ride. 

However, the true history of the bridge is quite different: the fact that it connected the Doge's Palace and  the Prison Palace is no accident! In fact, it served as a security passage to move prisoners from the Tribunal  to the Prisons and vice versa.

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