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Sospiri's philosophy is the exaltation of the Venetian territory in all its aspects.

To us at Sospiri this means  choosing the stories of people, products, flavors and places that do not belong to conventional Venice, and  then bringing them to light thanks to their immense value, in which Sospiri strongly believes. In closing, we  try to transmit all this through the flavours of our products. 

Sospiri and Sustainability

There is something we love as much as Venice: sustainability. 

When dealing with a unique but fragile area such as the sandbar of the Venetian lagoon, respecting the  environment becomes even more important

In addition to using wild-growing aromatic plants and harvesting them by hand, we take a few extra  precautions. We avoided the use of plastic at any stage of the production process. Our label is made of  cotton paper, which is a more sustainable option compared to classic paper. The ink on our label is made 

from the aromatic plants of the Sant'Erasmo gardens, which makes it completely recyclable and gives it... a  unique fragrance!


The idea of creating our own colour from plants came when we were developing the packaging, during the  first lockdown. Due to the prolonged closure of restaurants and markets, Paolo, our herbs expert in  Sant'Erasmo, found himself with a large surplus of produce. So, in order to avoid wasting all that work, we  decided to buy the leftover plants, although we did not yet know what we were going to do with them. In  the end, we came up with an idea: it would have been perfect to create a colour for Sospiri from the same  plants that are the soul of the products. And so we did. 

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